Tips to Practise Golf at Home

Golf at Home

Tips to Practise Golf at Home


If you’re like me, golf is a passion. You love to play all the time. You, 9 holes, 18 holes, 36 holes, play even you will get to play with friends. You do not, you can play with people you do not know. This is a good way to make new friends.

But in the winter may be over soon your passion. You can not play out the door because it’s so cold. And you can not play inside you there is an indoor course because. But this does not mean that you can not improve your game. Practice at home, you can master new skills and shrink your golf handicap.

A time-honored tradition

Golf practising is a time-honored tradition in the house. On a rug in your home or in your basement to bring this tradition is a staple on the carpet. For this purpose, put the cups on your side or just a glass using an electric can. The goal is not just against the wall. How far you go in your little pit when you want to remember.

Reading is also a staple of home practice. We recommend two books in my golf lessons are: Michael Breed 3 degrees and bring solutions to your body properly, Fix Your Swing from the Diovisalvi and Steve Steinberg. Both are great for reading by the light of winter. So Dave Pelz’s books. He mastered their short game player has made a career of helping and he offers good advice.

Below are six other proven ways to make home improvements are:

1. Get to know your wedges

Developing a good score for its wedges is important to reduce. Take home your wedges and hold a watching TV or reading. Keep it in your non-dominant hand. That is why your leadership is at hand. How to feel the club in his hand used to be.

2. Curtains chip

For those a little more adventurous you are, hit the curtain lower hips. It’s Lee Trevino was alleged. Ideally, you want to hit the heavy curtains. You do not have to bang the ball. You just need to develop muscle memory. You can also substitute for the plastic ball in the scenes you do not want to putt.

3. Imagine the good shots

Research says a shot of your imagination and you can not tell the difference between a real one. Take advantage of this research. Play your favourite shots on the course and shoot the best score ever. Keep in mind that exercise on the course. Just visualise your shot before striking the ball.

4. strengthening exercises

You do not have to bulk up like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Just strengthen your muscles. Your core, legs, hands, arms, and hips work. Cardio exercise is also great. believe me. Being in shape does make a difference. It is for students in golf instruction sessions.

5. Play Other Games

Play other games like volleyball or basketball. It improves hand-eye coordination. Also, as much as possible to walk or learn to dance. Anything that gets you off the couch and in motion. Said. Some games are more useful than others. But remain active. It will pay off next spring.

6. Review your scorecard

You save scorecard, review them. Only your score, but do not check. Please review the specific shots you made that score. How many putts you have around, two small pits how many greens and hit the greens Ask questions such as how many three-Putt.

Also ask yourself how many short game shots, bunker shots you’ve taken and how many you hit. putts and short game to make you the number of shots you get in the habit of marking your scorecard lifting. It’s where your short game needs work gives an idea.

In the winter you can not play? no problem. You can still improve your game. We recommend up to practice to hone their skills. They break you 80 and will help whittle down your golf handicap.

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